Set up ClimbTag at your climbing gym!


I'm a route-setter. How do I set up ClimbTag at my Gym?

Setting up ClimbTag in your gym is super easy.

Just email our support team ( and you'll receive a kit to get you started (including a free tracker!)



How are the tags attached to the wall?

The tag has 3M glue on the back side. The glue does not leave goo on the wall after removing the sticker tag.

We also have a version that can be screwed to existing holes in the wall.

How do I add a route to the database?

The UI is very simple and can be adjusted upon request (if additional special fields are needed).

Do you have a dashboard summarizing all routes in the gym?

Of course! The App provides a lot of information, for example, a summary table:

Route Table

We also have distribution of route grade and climbers grade:

Route Table

What is live dashboard?

Live Dashboard is intended to be shown on a large screen in the gym to give climbers the latest statistics on who's climbed what and who's leading the charts

Here are a few snapshots to illustrate a given day in the gym:

Live Gym Dashboard 1 Live Gym Dashboard 2

Download the ClimbTag App

ClimbTag is available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store.

Minimum requirements: bluetooth supported devices, iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+

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