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The Product

Unlike generic fitness trackers that can only measure acceleration or altitude, ClimbTag has an integrated sensor to detect small RFID tags that are attached to holds or to the wall. Tags are unique, so the tracker knows exactly which route you attempted or sent. There is no need to manually enter any information about your climb. Just bring your wristband close to a tag and the app will register the climb (route type, grade, duration, etc.).
There is no need to climb with your phone. The wristband will sync automatically to your phone when its in range.



Climbing Tracker

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High quality TPU silicone wristband. Safe and soft.


Measures only 9mm in thickness (iWatch is 11.4mm by comparison).


Track your climbing progress over time. Compare your performance to other climbers.


Lasts 10-14 hours on a single charge.

Personal Tag

Register your personal tag and attach to your harness. When other climbers scan your personal tag they become your climbing buddies in the ClimbTag app.


Touch the tag near the start hold.


Touch the tag near the finish hold.

It's as simple as that!

Personal Trainer

Get custom and tailored route recommendation based on your climbing history.

Easy To Use

No need to enter information manually in the app. Just bring the tracker close to a tag.

How does it work?

The wristband tracker detects and identifies RFID tags. Each tag is unique. Tags are linked to routes by route-setters. When the tracker identifies a tag it knows all information about that problem: type (bouldring/top rope/lead/...), grade, height, number of attempts, ascents and flashes by other climbers and much more.

This information is stored on the wristband memory. When the wristband is in range with your smartphone, the information automatically syncs.


Unboxing and assembling the strap

Getting Started

Download the ClimbTag app from Google Play or Apple Play store. The app name is ClimbTag.

Run the app and sign-up.

Turn your climbtag tracker by briefly pressing the side button.

Pair tracker with your phone. In the main app screen, click on the antenna icon on the top right corner.

Select your tracker from the list. You'll be asked to briefly press the side button again to acknowledge pairing.

Start climbing!

Do I need to put the tags on the wall?

No. Tags are placed by route-setters.

How do I pair my tracker with my phone?

In the profile screen, select Pair Wristband option. You will see a list of available devices. Select your device from the list. The unique device ID is printed on the package box. If connection is successful you will be asked to briefly press the side button to acknolwedge pairing.

How do I know if the tracker is properly paired?

If you see the small battery icon on the top right corner of the main app screen, you wristband is properly paired.

How do I indicate I had a failed ascent?

If you touched a start tag and did not reach the finish tag, briefly press the side button. The device will vibrate briefly to acknowledge the failed ascent.

Can the tracker be used without a smartphone?

No. You must have a smartphone to pair the device. Only paired devices will actively scan tags.

How many climbs can the tracker keep in its memory?

The tracker can save in its internal memory up to 1600 scanned tags. When the phone is in range, nothing is stored on the device and information is sent directly to the phone. Tags are saved on the tracker internal memory only when the phone is out of range.

How long does the battery last?

The tracker can be used continuously for 14-17 hours.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Approximately 2 hours.

Can the tracker be used (after initial pairing) if the phone is out of range?

Yes! Once the tracker is paired, it will scan and keep tags in its internal memory. Once the phone is within range again, it will automatically sync up all information.

What happens if I scan the start tag of route A and accidentally the finish tag of route B?

This event is ignored. If you eventually touch the finish tag of route A, it will register as a successful ascent.

Do I need to keep the tracker close to the finish tag for three seconds?

No. Tags are detected and recorded instantely. The three second rule does not apply.

What do the three circles on the main app screen represent?

The outer (blue) circle indicates your total workout time.

The middle (black) circle indicates your net climbing time.

The inner (green) circle indicates elapsed time during climbs (useful if a friend is keeping track of your time while your climb)

Can I use the tracker in any gym?

You can use the tracker only in gyms that are using the ClimbTag tags. If you gym has not deployed ClimbTag yet, ask your setters to do it! ClimbTag does not charge any monthly or annual fees from gyms. Setting it up is easy and quick.


See in real time who's climbing what. Compete against your climbing buddies and other people in the gym.

Live Gym Dashboard Live Gym Dashboard



Easy and intuitive UI to add climbs to the gym route databse.


See exactly how many people attempted a given problem. What percentage ascended or flashed.


Know exactly which routes are popular and when they become less popular.

Adjust route grades according to your climbers actual grade, based on their climbing history.


ClimbTag is FREE. We do not charge gyms any monthly or annual fee.

Interested in deploying ClimbTag in your gym?

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Download the ClimbTag App

ClimbTag is available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store.

Minimum requirements: bluetooth supported devices, iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+

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